Kameleon is an open-source JavaScript platform for electronics prototyping. It consists of three main parts: Kameleon runtime, Kameleon boards and Kameleon IDE.

Kameleon runtime

Kameleon runtime is a tiny and efficient JavaScript runtime for microcontrollers. The main features are:

  • Small footprint (Run on 300KB ROM, 64KB RAM)

  • ECMAScript 5.1/2015(subset) standard compliant (Powered by JerryScript)

  • Non-blocking I/O

  • REPL mode support

  • Portability (No RTOS)

  • Native modules (ADC, PWM, I2C, SPI, UART, Graphics, etc.)

Kameleon boards

Kameleon board is an open-source hardware board which has Kameleon runtime and can be programmed by JavaScript via Kameleon IDE. Currently supported Kameleon boards are:

Kameleon IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Kameleon IDE is a cloud-based social coding environment provides free project repositories as well as web-based code editor and various tools. The main features are:

  • Provide a web-based sophisticated code editor

  • Provide cloud-based free public repositories

  • Automatic code bundling with Webpack

  • Support code linting based on ESLint

  • Project release management (publish and import reusable packages)

  • Support project fork