Web Editor


Kameleon Web Editor is a cloud-based web code editor which allows you to edit code in a web browser. Kameleon Web Editor works with most of web browsers, but for stable usage we recommend Chrome web browser.

Kameleon Web IDE

Kameleon Agent

To interact with Kameleon boards connected to local system, Kameleon Agent is need to be installed in local computer.

Select Device

You can find connected Kameleon boards at the Combobox in the top area. To connect a device, select a device in the Combobox.

Code Uploading

To upload your code select Upload menu (or "Up-arrow" button in the top area). The entry file (specified in package.json's main field. Default is index.js . See Project Configuration) will be uploaded and executed in the connected Kameleon board. If you want to upload other than the entry file, open the file to upload in Code Editor and then select Upload Current menu.